Review of Sincerely Yours Album by Various

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8. Various Sincerely Yours (Album - Klein Records)
Opening proceedings with a previously lame choice of single release, i.e. U.K.Us Automatic, was perhaps not such a smart move on the part of the Klein Records crew.
Fortunately though, later proceedings help to make up for the disappointing start.
Viennas Klein records, over their relatively short life span of six years, have accrued a slightly unreliable catalogue of music. Some clearly fits into the bracket of cheesy euro experamentalism with dull vocals and tired songs.
Whilst further a&r decicions see them come up with classics such as Seelenlufts dreamy Music For The Stars (worldwide winner on Gilles Petersons radio show) and the utterly charming, soul-drenched dub of the Sofa Surfers River Blues.
And so, this album covers both the low and high points of the labels history fortunately the high points are in the majority. Lichtenbergs samba style The Duke, Albin Janoskas leftfield jazz routine of Lem and Mums Boycharge all go to show that first impressions are important - but very often not true.