Review of Urban Gamelan Album by 23 Skidoo

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10. 23 Skidoo Urban Gamelan (Album - Ronin)
Throughout the last two decades, 23 Skidoo, and their later incarnation Ronin, have roamed the cutting edge of underground music. Out of print since the late eighties, the bands extraordinary back catalogue is finally set to be re-issued. Two of their most influential albums Seven Songs and Urban Gamelan are now available for the first time on CD.
Originally recorded and remixed over a three day period in 1981, Seven Songs was co-produced by Tony, Terry and David (aka Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TVs Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Sleazy Christopherson plus sound engineer Ken Thomas with whom the band had worked on their first single The Gospel Comes To New Guinea).
When initially released, the album went straight to number one in the independent charts. Although very unlikely to do the same thing second time around, the enthusiasm for its first release should give a good indication that we are dealing with a record of a certain calibre with Urban Gamelan.
Switching from the weird and wonderfully abstract echoes of New Testament to the more accessible and up-tempo Fela Kuti influenced IY this album displays just how this band seemingly, worked to no guidelines, covering a vast array of sounds and instruments and re-interpreting the very influential sound of tribal Africa. A classic.