Review of Chris Coco and Sacha Puttnam Album by Remasterpiece


Remasterpiece - Chris Coco and Sacha Puttnam - Album Review

Remasterpiece - Chris Coco and Sacha Puttnam - Album Review

Chris Coco and Sacha Puttnam


So you’re interested in Classical music yet have no idea what you’re looking for? You recognise bits from the inside of Inspector Morse’s Jaguar and enjoy kicking back and chilling to ambient? Well this album’s well worth a try.

Coco and Puttnam have managed to put together a sublime collection of classical pieces that all seamlessly mesh together to form a hugely stunning soundscape. The album is predominantly classical but has fractions of electronic wisps and strokes throughout which added to the cut and paste editing and high production levels makes for an original experience and a refreshing listen. There are no signs of the usual beats or blips and Chris Coco’s electronic contributions are in no means intrusive to the mix, in parts they are barely audible.

As a bit of a sucker for the whole package, Remasterpiece delivered well for me. The cover is beautifully decorated with illustrations by Christopher O’Hare and if you’re a real obsessive take a visit to for the videos or see the package come to life with a downloadable screensaver, very nice.

Rather than attempt a description of each track it would be more appropriate to illustrate the whole album as an excursion through a very comfortable dream of ambient clichs full of butterflies, sunny meadows and wonder.

Check it out, but get comfy first. You will be moved, I assure you.

Paul Smith