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Rainbow Family The Rainbow EP

Hmmm, there is experimental and then there is experimental! This is definitely EXPERIMENTAL! Though, just because this is something different it does not make it bad. For a start give it more than one listen! The first time you hear The Rainbow EP by The Rainbow Family, you will be listening and thinking to yourself what the…. Is this? Trust me the madness is actually very good and after a few listens, I started to grasp a direction & continuity.

Now I have got all of that of my chest, lets get back to it. The Rainbow EP is the new release from the duo that is The Rainbow Family. A five track EP with one instrumental song 'When California Began' why, who knows, maybe they just liked the music and couldn't find any words that would fit with the song. It is like something from a movie where the world has come to an end, and while the camera is scanning around this is being played.

One thing is that the mixed influences of The Beta Band, Brian Wilson and The Beatles come through on every song without a doubt. 'I Can See A Rainbow' is pure flower power music, there is no other way to describe it, but I like it. Not only is this EP mad, it is sending me mad!!!! Next is 'This Is Not Circular' which if at all possible is a bit more electronic. The consistency (of experimental, electronic music), if you can call it that continues with 'My Picture Perfect' and 'Seagus'. The whole EP is full of floaty samples & harmonies. The only thing that I can say is that it has to be heard to be believed. Will you take the gamble?

Mark Moore

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