Review of Pat Pong Single by Pest


Pest - Pat Pong - Single Review

Pest - Pat Pong - Single Review

Pat Pong

They don’t mess about at Ninja Tune and they don’t need to when they’ve got people like Pest continually delivering a quality product time and time again. Pest seem to have grown up a bit with their new album, moving further away from the sample heavy sets to a more controlled hyperactivity.

Pat Pong is the first release from the ‘All Out Fall Out’ album and it really delivers.

The beat is strong and as intelligent as a rocket scientists mentor. The funk and jazz quota is filled to bursting and very importantly after seeing the effect when played in a club, it’s incredible when loud.

‘Solid Groove’ (aka Switch) has also had his fingers in this pie by remixing a version that goes a long way to transporting you to the Balaerics end of the spectrum-cucumber chilled.

The remix by Tru Thoughts’ Diesler holds no bars for the jazz set.

Also on this release is a bonus track called ‘Chimps’ which has been described as being – a little like Scott Herron on E having sex with a large breasted girl with a GSOH. Not wrong.

Pete Ainsley