Review of Luxury Problems Album by Patrick Duff

Patrick Duff

Patrick Duff - Luxury Problems Album Review

Patrick Duff - Luxury Problems Album Review

Former Strangelove member, Patrick Duff has released his own debut album Luxury Problems.

Released on June 20 th 2005 , the album is somewhat a personal diary and journey of the singer's life and his preparation of the new album.

With a rockier edge, the album features 12 wicked songs that create an outstanding album for the future.

Through this album, Patrick has tried to captivate the emotion and the conflict of life.

I especially love the song Married with kids. It just shows how passionate and dedicated a songwriter and performer he is. The song shows how he observes his own life.

F***ed shows the tender and emotional heartbreak he's going through. I think this song my be personal to him.

In previous months before the release of the album, Patrick spent most of 2005 touring with his band and the reception that he got was mainly positive. He appeared throughout Europe to promote his new songs. This summer he will be performing at festivals and also clubs.

Check him out at the Ashton Court Festival on July 16 th 2005 .

Candice Finney.