Need for Speed ProStreet - Review Xbox 360 - EA Games

Every year EA release a new version of NFS and this year's version Pro Street takes a different story angle. ProStreet tells the story of legal street racing career of Ryan Cooper - you control Ryans career and the goal is to race in different events - win them - challenge better and better drivers then take on and beat your arch enemy Mr Ryo.

Need for Speed ProStreet, Review Xbox 360, EA Games

There are plenty of races on offer here. Grip races are the standard - you want to be crossing the line in pole position.Time trials are available and require you to record the fastest times through checkpoints or out of your particular class of car. Drift and Drag racing are also present.

The car collection is vast in ProStreet but what you will find is that when you are starting out you get some fairly average cars to drive. As the game progresses you are allowed better and better cars but the thing is that there are so many races to slog through (that are all a bit samey) that it takes too long to get your hands on the real speed demons. Damage also features heavily in ProStreet and the damage engine has had a rework and is looking very cool. You must remember though, that what ever damage you create you must pay for.

So to gain lolly you need to be attending race days and dominating the races. For each win you get points and once you have paid for your damage you can spend the rest in the garage. The garage is where you can better your rides. There is even a wind tunnel for performing science on your recent aerodynamic body sculpturing. The usual vinyl customizations are available too. It is a shame but you cannot take your own cars online.

XboxLive functionality for Need for Speed ProStreet gives the game another dimension. The online stuff works well and can be loads of fun. You get to host your own race days; you can pick your own tracks, cars etc. Apart from a tiny bit of lag the online system works well and gives the game much more replay value.

Graphically Need for Speed ProStreet is somewhat of a triumph the cars, tracks, environments and the sensation of speed. The cars look amazing when they are brand new and un-touched but when the damage starts to appear they look even better. The details and lighting on the bodywork is superb.

Sound isn't as hot as you would expect you hear the songs too many times and they become a bit annoying. The commentary and other spoken word in the game hasn't made the mark and I am actually surprised by how sloppy it is. The car engines sound ok, quite beefy but you will find there isn't enough variation in the engine noises to use them as you do in real driving.

Overall Need for Speed ProStreet isn't the best Need for Speed title I have ever played. On the Xbox360 the graphics look great and the online play is cool too but the core "career" game is long winded and a bit dull.

7.5 out of 10