Review of Man I Used To Be Single by K

Man I Used To Be

K Man I Used To Be Single

Canadian K-OS is creating shock waves around the world of urban music. He can rap as well as sing and he uses this with a live band. 'Man I Used To Be' is an interesting track as it uses the best bits of black music like funk, 80's soul, r'n'b and hip hop in a positive and uplifting way that is hard to categorise. There's definite class in this tune that is infectious and the groovy. K-OS shows great vocal delivery that works really well with the chorus. The MCing in between is conscious, heart felt and soulful. It tells a story and gives an inspirational message. I don't know what it is, whether being in the greenery of Canada or not being in the madness of the USA, that this hip hop is pretty cool and original. Some may find it a bit glossy and perhaps not dirty enough but for my records it shows ingenuity that should be respected and positivety that should be embraced.

Tareck Ghoneim