Review of Shakedown Single by King Billy & The Marvellous

King Billy & The Marvellous
Sativa Records
Single Review

King Billy & The Marvellous Shakedown Single

These boys from the UK have created a sound all of their own, and one they could pretty much be proud of. Self described as Soul/Funk/Punk/Skunk, this really is the best way to describe the sound coming through on this single.
Named after two aboriginal freedom fighters King Billy & The Marvellous have created an amazing sound that wouldn't be lost in a Memphis Bar or your hardest rock club. If System of A Down were hugged more as kids and their distortion pedals taken away this is what I could imagine them sounding like. Normal vocals through the verses and the strangest sounding back up vocals that make this an extremely unique single and should bring them a large support for any oncoming tours.

Adam Prickett

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