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Kevin Brown
Tin Church
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Kevin Brown Tin Church Album

When you can count Mark Knopfler among your admirers, you're clearly doing something right. But when you're an English slide guitar blues player who can produce an album of this kind of quality - a relaxed yet intense and razor sharp set of songs that sits alongside American slide stars such as the late Chris Whitley, Ry Cooder or Sonny Landreth - you know you're a rare beast.
Tin Church is a meticulously recorded album, full of analogue equipment and unusually great songwriting - there is even, it must be said, a hint of Springsteen's Nebraska in some of the more hypnotic driving blues such as Love Hurts. Although blues has enjoyed something of a resurrection recently, Tin Church need make no apologies for the rawness of its genre - this is simply a shockingly good album. If you've any interest in Americana, this adds the edge it often lacks.

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