Review of Missing For Days Single by Kealer


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Review of Kealer's 'Missing For Days' (Zomba)

The title track, 'Missing For Days' is misleading as all three tracks are different. 'Missing For Days' is bouncy, in-your-face punk pop Ash-style that will have you singing along and clicking your fingers. It's that catchy. Then, Kealer spring a surprise, suddenly it's clouded over and Cash Money has a far more despondent mood than before. The single takes even more of a downturn on Wheel, an acoustic song about a man stuck in a rut drinking his life away. But, happy or sad it doesn't seem to matter as Kealer seem happy doing either although this their music won't be to everyone's liking.

Also, perhaps they're just too generic sometimes, particularly with 'Missing For Days' but make up your own mind, give it a try and you might just like it.