Review of My Book Album by K-Ci

My Book
Hard Start / Universal
Album Review

K-Ci My Book Album

K-Ci returns with a strong set called "My Book". The title and opening track sets out a powerful mark for the rest of the album to live up to, but live up to it, the album most certainly does.

The upbeat "It's All Love" is a strong reminder of the Jodeci days of K-Ci. As is the slow jam "Conversation - Can I Talk to You" that even nicks a smidgeon from the Jodeci classic "Come & Talk to Me" in its intro.

I have always said K-Ci has a similar vocal tone to the great Bobby Womack and this is more than evident on K-Ci's stunning cover version of Mr Womacks classic "A Woman's Gotta Have It". It is a pure rendition of a great soul classic.

More classy biz comes in the shape of "What Else Can I Do". Slow jams don't come much better than "I Appologize" and "Cheatin' on Us".

"Limousinne" offers more of a club driven R&B groove but still works. The killer R&B cut on here though is the breathtaking "I'm Back" and it is the perfect statement because, trust me, K-Ci is back.

An album that should be in every serious R&B fans collection. Oshy comes with a solid set that includes the dreamy killer "Enuff Love", a classy array of strong soulful R&B grooves, good lyrics and strong vocals. Other killers on here include the amazing slow jam "Best Sex InThe World".

The more upbeat beat "Come Here with It" Plus the melodic cut "Be with Someone New" are also worthy of your attention.

Bigger 4/5

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