Review of Lejos Album by Joselo

Album Review

Considering the sounds on this, his second solo effort, perhaps Café Tacvba guitarist Joselo Rangel has been listening to sixties garage rock. Sounding more like a Los Angeles alt-pop freak than a member of Rock en Español's elite old guard, Joselo takes listeners on a ride from the inevitable and obvious Lennon and McCartney references of the title track (backwards guitar leads a la 'Tomorrow Never Knows' ) to a more refined, albeit quirky perspective, as on "Religión." At times very reminiscent of Tacvba's trademark playful romantic balladry and affable goofy approach , Lejos offers plenty of Joselo's alluring, though humble vocals and low-fi edge. A punchy bass sound, lots of jangling guitars, and dreamy oddball melodies add up to a Summer of Love feel.

Francisco H. Ciriza

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