Review of I Choose Noise Album by Hybrid

I Choose Noise
Album Review

Hybrid I Choose Noise Album

There must be a nice, succinct way to describe the feeling that wells up in the human spirit when you look out over a mountain vista upon reaching the top of a climb, or catch a first, fleeting glimpse of the sea on a trip to the ocean. It's a feeling relating to scale, a sense of epic grandeur. Welcome to the aural equivalent of this feeling. Straight back out of Wales come the sonic duo that is Hybrid.

The team have managed to put down the latest remix project for long enough to knock out some tunes of their own, pulling in a few celebrities along the way. It would seem you can quite honestly claim to have 'made it' when you manage to get Perry from Jane's Addiction to croon on one of you tracks, the album standout 'Dogstar'

The album is an exercise in grand sonic excess, on an almost cinematic scale. Huge string arrangements abound, whilst the sound retains a truly organic quality, despite its digital birth. This is modern, intelligent dance music at its very best, and sounds fresher than you could imagine. Choose this noise.

Richard Edge