Review of It's Already Written Album by Houston


Houston - It’s Already Written - Album Review


It’s Already Written

New r’n’b sensation Houston comes straight out of Capital Records. His new single ‘I Like That’ features the talented Nate Dogg, rap sensation Chingy & 1-20. He’s certainly being groomed to be a big success and he’s only a tender teenager.

‘It’s Already Written’ seems to be quite a profound title for an album and I’m not sure whether this album delivers in that respect. However let’s get things into perspective. He’s only a young lad so his lyrical

Houston - Its Already Written - Alum Review

content isn’t necessarily going to cause a revolution. His content is about love and searching for love, as well as parental neglect in ‘Didn’t Give A Damn’ which is delivered well and is thought provoking. Other tracks like ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ is a really nice soul track that is well executed by Houston. ‘Keep It On The Low’ features Don Yute is a nice touch introducing a more upbeat ragga style but all the music on the album is strictly r’n’b and soul. The production is good and continues the theme of good old polished American urban music that is very popular these days.

This album is pretty good and definitely deserves a listen. Houston is a good singer and age is definitely on his side. It could appeal to a wide audience and I’m sure younger kids will be lapping up this album. If you’re into soul you should like this.

Tareck Ghoneim