Review of Ain't Nothing Wrong Single by Houston


Houston - Ain’t Nothing Wrong - Single Review


Ain’t Nothing Wrong

Houston soul sensation from the States releases ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ from his well received first album ‘ It’s Already Written’. It makes sense that he’s released this single as to me it really stood out on the album. This track is classic American nu soul and it really works. There’s is genuine emotion in this track that captivates the soul and it is very pleasant to listen to. There’s a laid back rhythm that is funky with minimal jazz guitar and subtle use of keyboard

Houston - Aint Nothing Wrong - Single Review

effects. Houston is really sincere on this song and displays good use of range. The backing vocals are also powerful and work well. Houston has created a very good sing along soul track that is well put together. Some tracks of this vein can sound cheesy to some or to experimental to make it easy to listen to however ‘Ain’t Nothing Wrong’ hits the button with this kind of r’n’b/soul music and should sell well.

Tareck Ghoneim