Review of King of England Single by Hot Puppies

Hot Puppies
King of England
Single Review

Hot Puppies King of England Single

What is it with dogs and folksy pop-punk bands? First we had the now apparently defunct Dogs Die in Hot Cars and now Hot Puppies have gone and elbowed their way in to our consciousness with their similar brand of twanging beats and whimsical lyrical style.

A little bit retro, a little bit pop, 'King of England' is a fine single release and showcases the pure soaring vocals of lead singer Beccy to fine effect. Some attitude behind that angelic voice wouldn't go amiss however, as the strong guitar riffs and folk dance beat are at times at odds with a voice better suited to melancholic reverie than to getting everybody's foot a 'tapping.

There is a distinct whiff of potential circling this group, but a more focused approach to what kind of sound they are looking to create would serve them well. They have fantastic pace and gorgeous choral possibilities, but a concentration on either one of these areas, or a big dollop of feistiness, could hone them into something rather special.


Ellie Gurney

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