Review of The Sun Will Come Album by Honeyroot

The Sun Will Come
Album Review

Honeyroot The Sun Will Come Album

Honeyroot release their new album 'The Sun Will Come' on Just Records. Glen Gregory, front man of Heaven 17, and Keith Lowndes, former ABC member, comprises Honeyroot that create a soulful ambient journey with 'The Sun Will Come'.

If you like albums like 'Moon Safari' that take you on an emotional voyage that is never too extreme nor too pop but feel good and uplifting you should like this album. Gregory and Lowndes experiment with electronic music and nice melodies to take you to the Caf' Del Mar edge of chill that creates peaceful and serene moments to make you feel alive. 'Drifter' certainly does that to me and is definitely a stand out track. There's more pumping tracks to give the album a bit of bite like 'Every Single Day' and 'People Say' but mainly it's on the still vibe.

This album is definitely a long player and is well crafted. There's feel good moments that could appeal to many sensitive souls. The only thing for me is that it didn't stand out too much from what I've heard before. I'd have to question whether I'd put this on before 'Simple Things' for example however Honeyroot certainly hold their own in their own right and we're they're going is all good. It's nice to see this music still progressing and capturing peaceful moments of our current time.

Tareck Ghoneim

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