Review of Mafia Album by Epo-555

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Epo-555 Mafia Album

Epo-555's previous album, Dexter Fox, was one of 2004's best - an infectiously catchy disc that recalled the best of the Dandy Warhols and New Order. The band hail from Denmark, which is The New Manchester in the number of new great bands it is pitching up. Mafia continues the maturation process nicely.

While it keeps the novelty, the songs are nicely rounded, with standouts like Maid in China, Hyperschlieb and Centipede as good as anything they have done. Mafia is fresh, compelling and incredibly addictive, like Australia's Youth Group but way more fun (more of a Youth Group/ early Pet Shop Boys mash-up). Mafia is an album that rewards on first listen, and only deepens its hold on further runs through.

If invention like this is streaming out of Denmark (and labelmates Powersolo suggest it is), it would be nice to see major UK labels queuing up at the Oresund bridge.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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