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Album Review

This super-cool Spanish-based collaborative is all about eclecticism and offers all-night Euro-style party music. Dhira bends electronica's penchant for drawn-out, far-fetched, edgy danceable concoctions into listener friendly mixes of rap, reggae, hip-hop, for a trippy yet insightful cocktail of late-night decadence. Matching the pop ease of Big Mountain's Chicano reggae as well as Mexican-American rappers Delinquent Habits' street cred, Dahira utilizes a heavy layer of Indian influences ranging from hypnotic sitar to a Hindu-based philosophy. Songs like "De Calcuta a Madrid" and "La Noche" bring European beats and Indian ambiance together perfectly illustrating Dhira's righteously skewed approach.

Dhira Dhira Album

Francisco H. Ciriza