Review of Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity Album by Deckard


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Deckard’s ‘Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity’ - Album Review


Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity

Despite the stupid band name and album title ‘Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity’ is a really good album although it is more of a grower than an instant hit. There’s loads of depth here and it’s possible to listen to it and not get bored. ‘We’re Aching’ is an appropriate enough song title as the album largely oozes aching like a jilted lover, but, it’s done so gorgeously. Theatricality comes easily to Deckard almost a more accessible Muse in fact, heard in tracks such as ‘To Your Soul’, ‘Holy Rolling’ and ‘Fall Down At their Feet’ bit with some Placebo and without so much falsetto.

Music - Deckard’s ‘Dreams of Dynamite and Divinity’ - Album Review

The style does vary. “When Picking Fights’” sounds much more like Funeral for a Friend just with less screaming and more driven, biting vocals. On ‘Be Nobody Else’ the angelic falsetto is used to much better effect as well as the track being more restrained sometimes – building and building finally to be let off the leash. Not every song is melancholy; a thread of upbeat delight does run through in ‘To Your soul’ and ‘Holy Rolling’ which pulse with joy and exuberation. These moments of lightness are a relief against the perhaps overly bleak backdrop of Deckard’s world. Don’t be put off by this or anything like that on the first listen, persevere and you will be rewarded.

Natasha Perry