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It doesn't take much to get me jumping up and down, like when I was twelve and first heard the album 'Back In Black' by AC/DC. Luckily, Danko Jones cite the Aussie legends as a key influence, along with lizard tongued Glammers Kiss.

From the opening track 'Sticky Situation', you can hear the influences oozing out with hard faced no nonsense attitude. "Well you caught her in the act with a brat from your work station / You used a baseball bat and now it's into litigation", Danko don't ever beat around the bush, and if you're a target, you'll get it.

Subjects range from first date kissing, drugs, everybody wanting to fall in love (except Danko!) and obviously, sleep being the enemy. Riff follows riff follows riff follows riff, and it's addictive stuff.

'Don't Fall In Love' is a cleverly crafted anti-anthem again motorized by a chugging riff and 'When Will I See You Again' has a touch of the Stoner Rock about it and should be a definite single choice.

Danko Jones Sleep Is The Enemy Album

The title track 'Sleep Is The Enemy', assaults from all quarters and is obviously fuelled by misadventures with drugs. Paranoia, pain and blood coat this tune, and it's nothing short of scary.

The kind of album you stick on when you've just been dumped, had a bad day in the office, realised you're never going to be able take back what you said last night in the pub when you were drunk or have just bitten the head off of a hamster.

Unrelenting and as if powering through an all night drugs party, 'Sleep is the Enemy' attacks your ears (in a good way!) and challenges you to keep up with the pace. Danko's third offering is as tenacious as they come, and like the man says "Stay lean / Keep the blood clean / And get ready".


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