Review of You've Got It All / Everyman Single by Cracatilla

Cracatilla – You’ve Got It All

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Cracatilla – You’ve Got It All / Everyman (released 09.06.03)


You’ve Got It All / Everyman

(released 09.06.03)

A Liverpool guitar band that sound nothing like the Beatles shocker. However the band’s stated influences are just as retro, but more guitar hero centered, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Oddly though their double A-side single demonstrates the more unexpected influence of Santana.

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James Lewis (vocals, guitar), Dave Penswick (bass), and Louis Fitzpatrick (drums) comprise Cracatilla. The group who have been writing songs together since school, have not given themselves the best of starts by choosing a band name only overshadowed in it’s stupidity by the story behind it. Apparently Lewis watched a programme about the volcano Krakatoa and misheard the name. Now would be a good time to change the spelling or have a complete rethink before their fan base develops much further.

‘You’ve Got It All’ and ‘Everyman’ sound like theyhave been plucked from your Dad’s record collection. Desperately uncool,but with sufficient hints of bongo and guitar noodling to attract anyone wantinga soundtrack to a Woodstock flashback.

Gavin Eves