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Break From The Past
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Christian Silva Break From The Past EP

Tracking down information on Christian Silva is nearly as tough as getting blood from a stone, but the London quartet caused quite a stir with their debut EP "Bring His Head", which featured 8 tracks with a combined duration of 20 minutes. A look at their Myspace page reveals a huge range of influences, cap doffing to the likes of Radiohead, Billy Joel, Joni Mitchell, Ray Charles, and Talking Heads.

On listening to "Break From The Past", you soon realise that Christian Silva are not a band to adhere to the boundaries of genre. The track is an epic, brooding number that is reminiscent of Muse in operatic mode – and then it completely changes to a happy stomping rock'n'roll piece, with Queen-esque guitar. It's such a dramatic change that you'd be forgiven for thinking you were listening to another track, but nay, it's the same one – and glorious at that. The acoustic "How 2 Be A Man" is beautiful and should be savoured for the entire of its one-and-a-half minutes, while "Dustmites" gives us a brief taste of gospel. Christian Silva show themselves to be highly talented, leaving no doubt they shall continue to be lauded for their varied sound.

Alex Lai

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