Celine Dion is an extremely successful singer, who built her career with the best-known hits and her unique characteristics. Ever since her first show and her first single, Celine Dion has been the most demanded Canadian artist on the big stage. Seeing the singer on the stage is a common occasion. She often makes appearances at famous venues as well as in the casinos. 

Celine Dion performing on her Courage World Tour 2020 / Photo Credit: Jacques Boissinot/The Canadian Press/PA Images

Casinos are known to be one of the most luxurious places to hold the event and are also the place that pays off the best. Celine Dion is a frequent casino visitor and you will able to see her performing in the most luxurious casinos like Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, Casino de Montreal etc quite frequently. And let's agree that playing poker or betting in roulette and listening to the famous hit can definitely make your day. 

Celine Dion lives in the US and she has held several concerts and shows in the Caesar Palace Las Vegas. Besides that, she is known to support her home country and to actively participate in the Candian music industry developments. The singer has performed in the most popular real money casino in Canada, Casino de Montreal. The singer's love for the casino is confirmed by the fact that it has been also announced that as part of her the Courage World Tour, Celine Dion on 18 July will hold a concert in the famous Place du Casino Monte Carlo in Monaco, built-in 1861. By the way, all the tickets for the show are SOLD OUT. 

It takes courage to make the Courage World Tour 

The Courage World Tour of Celine Dion was announced in September 2019. This will be the fourteenth concert tour of the singer. The tour is in honor of the English language studio album, which was produced in 2019. The tour will also be her first tour in the decade. The previous tour was dedicated to the Taking Chances World Tour. The initial starting date was the 18th of September and it took place in Quebec City, Canada. 

The tour that was announced on the 3rd of April in the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles has already undergone certain changes. The sale of the tickets started exactly a year ago and believe it or not there are almost no tickets left for the concert anymore. The tour includes additional shows besides already announced dates and locations. Additional shows will be held in Montreal, Toronto, Miami as well as Boston. Those places have been added later after the initial announcement of the tour. 

The rehearsal for the show began in September of last year in Quebec City. By this time, one more announcement regarding the additional show in Paris, France was made by ConcertFrance. The concert is scheduled for the 26th of June this year. 

Changes in schedule 

The world is suffering from the global COVID-19 pandemic. The novel coronavirus which was discovered in Wuhan, China has now spread to the whole world. By saying the whole world we literally mean it. The coronavirus is now in every single country on earth and unfortunately, some of the countries witness the worst outcomes of the global pandemic. 

There were supposed to be some shows in March and April that were rescheduled until the 27th of April. The rescheduling mainly concerned the North American shows. 

While the world is suffering from the massive COVID-19 outbreak, Canada is none of the exceptions. While the changes in the tour have not yet been announced, there should be some expected amidst the increasing number of infected people. We do not know for sure if the concert will go as scheduled, but in any case, holding the World Tour will definitely require a lot of courage from the Canadian singer as well as her whole team.