Review of Basic Colour Theory Album by Catz 'n Dogz

The Polish duo, Catz 'n Dogz, present their first full length album 'Basic Colour Theory' under their personal label Pets Recordings in a flurry of various electronic styles, influences and self-proclaimed 'sonic exploration'.

Catz 'n Dogz Basic Colour Theory Album

Best known for their bass orientated tech-house tracks and intensive DJ sets, the duo have now set their sights on a more experimental product for 'Basic Colour Theory'. Prominent, colourful melodies merge together with a soulful house ambiance to give many of the tracks a classic electronic vibe. A clear Kraftwerk-esque aroma tinged with more modern influences like Claptone and Finnebassen is certainly evident. The influence of many different artists featured on the album is also heard across the 15 tracks, giving quite a variation of style with each piece. What is interesting though, is that each track is around the 3-4 minute mark; possibly an attempt to give the album more flow.

Tracks like the opening 'Good Touch' and 'Coming Back' are testaments to the melody-heavy nature of the album with alluring vocal harmonies from Egle Sirvydyte and Javeon respectively. 'The Solution' takes more of a familiar Catz 'n Dogz stance with a bouncing techno bassline and spoken word introduction, but quickly mixes with the familiar lush melodies. This is certainly more noticeable across the middle of the album, which is where the record stands out and really grabs your attention. The slight lack of direction does let it down somewhat; styles jump from track to track without staying in the same place for more than one or two songs. Despite this, it is clear that the duo intended to give fans something different with 'Basic Colour Theory'.   

Whilst those expecting a collection of tracks that have clear stylistic qualities may be disappointed, Catz 'n Dogz have certainly achieved a wholly experimental album that does indeed explore many different sonic possibilities and will appeal to those searching for the avant-garde.


Alex Busby

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