Review of The Spider Simpson Incident Album by Casino

Review of Casino's album The Spider Simpson Incident

Casino The Spider Simpson Incident Album

The Birmingham band formerly known as Spidersimpson has reverted to their original name to release their debut album, which is available to download or in physical form from their website. It was mixed by
Stereophonics cohort Jim Lowe and mastered by John Davis, who has worked on Led Zeppelin's music.

Previous single 'Heavy Metal Machine' opens as a statement of intent, rolling guitars into a huge chorus of attitude and energy, a formula used to regularly and to great affect. 'Got No Place' confidently romps along, while 'I'm So Tired' is adrenaline fuelled rock and roll with hooks to be chanted at the top of your voice. Slowing the pace, 'Where Did Our Love Go Wrong' is reminiscent of The Clash, with a twisted guitar line that compliments Adam Zindani's tortured vocal performance, while 'Fallen' is another tale of love gone wrong with a sing-a-long setting. On an album full of enjoyable tracks, 'Give In To Me' stands out with an aching guitar solo which compliments the yearning nature of the song and 'Wanna Be My Number' relentless punches out riffs and an infectious chorus. They also save on of their best until last, the dynamic and explosive 'Can You Feel It', which utilises Casino's qualities to wonderfully conclude an impressive collection of guitar anthems.

Alex Lai

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