Review of Golden Triangle Single by Cagedbaby

Golden Triangle

Cagedbaby Golden Triangle Single

When I first heard the Radio Edit of 'Golden Triangle' I thought not another dose of this 80's revival with all the gloss of glam. The Synth sounds, more from the Gary Newman school of thought rather than P-Funk, give this track house music credibility and it has a sleazy porno style due to the vocals oozing sexual connotation. It's all a bit self-indulgent. However I was pleasantly surprised to hear the Ashley Beedle and Justin Robertson remix that are first class. This gives the track a lot more quality and sophistication that good house music has. There's real depth to the production and an infectious electro edge to appeal to the old timers who've been clubbing for time. Definitely worth buying for the remixes.

Tareck Ghoneim

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