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Brazilian Lounge
Various Artists
Putumayo World Music

Brazilian Lounge Various Artists Album

From Brazil 66 to Antonio Carlos Jobim, Brazilians have left an indelible mark on popular music. Enter the country's new musical generation which the classy Putumayo World Music now introduces via the latest in its lounge series. Brazilian Lounge, a collection featuring the familiar soothing vocals and more recent urban grooves features many of Brazil's finest contemporary musicians. A fine example is Paula Morelenbaum's Briga Nunca Mais. Its "new Bossa" sounds are powered by Morelenbaum's sultry vocals and a hot simple electronica beat. Also found here are infectious fusions of samba, soul and funk, and further retro stylings making, Brazilian Lounge, a complete and consistent effort with a solid lineup of artists and tunes.

By Francisco H. Ciriza

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