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Bottle Rockets
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Bottle Rockets Zoysia Album

Straightahead bar band rock has its aficionados and the Bottle Rockets are at the raucous alt country end of the bar band spectrum.

This is the band's 8th album (lead singer Brian Henneman spent time with legends Uncle Tupelo), and suggests that their music has a whole lot of life left in it. Like a rocked-up John Hiatt, or a less earnest Drive By Truckers, the band leave the fun in and keep the volume high. However, the seemingly simple music hides an interestingly political edge, with wonderfully sharp lyrics and an intelligent theme.

This album may well be the band's best so far, with hard-hitting songs like Mountain To Climb and the title track. Well worth a listen if Steve Earle occasionally ventures onto your street.

Rating 8/10

Mike Rea

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