Review of Rush Song Single by A


A - Rush Song - Single Review

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Rush Song

With A having a hard year recording their new album this little bobby really does show how hard they have worked in such a turbulent time in hard rock. Working with acclaimed rock producer Terry Date (deftones, white zombie, pantera et all), the band has come out with a true Class A ripper of a song.

This single is slightly on the edgier side compared with that of their past single releases (See: Nothing). This displays a more refined and more foreword thinking approach.

It cuts out the pop bollocks and heads straight for the jugular whilst still managing to keep their trademark melodic sensibilities with added superness.

I truly love this song and I am not just saying that for the sake of it. Previously I have avoided their music as I found it a tad ‘I wear hoodies and I am skater boy stylee’. But when I heard super-uber producer Terry Date was involved I immediately became interested due to my admiration for his work. To be honest it is simply a straight forward hard rock song, great riffage, raucous vocals, soothing chorus, pounding drums, strong under bass tones. Great song!


Alex Parker