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Adventure Club
The Train
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Adventure Club The Train Single

'Bursting out of the upcoming Birmingham scene', if I'm to believe everything I read, are Adventure Club. On first listen, 'The Train' comes across like a decent chorus in search of a song. Unfortunately, subsequent listens do nothing to dispel this impression. Perhaps this is to do with the sparseness of the verses, which feature a repeated piano figure, bits of guitar (but nothing you could call a riff), and a hint of strings (or should that be 'string'?). A throbbing bass and a strict beat are the only constants. And then in the chorus everything piles in. Perhaps the most interesting part of this record is after the final chorus, when the guitar takes a turn for the nasty. But it only lasts for a few seconds and they'll fade it out on the radio anyway. I'm quite impressed by the fact that the whole song's over and done in under two and a half minutes but, thanks to the chorus, leaves the impression of something more epic.

But I'd also bet a shiny new pound that Adventure Club have heard 'Such Great Heights' by The Postal Service: it's very similarly crafted, with repeated themes drifting in and out. But lyrically it's a poor second and musically it's not as well executed.

Jon Watson

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