Review of Escape From The Pigeon Hole Album by Abdominal

Escape From The Pigeon Hole
Album Review

Abdominal Escape From The Pigeon Hole Album

Escape From The Pigeon Hole is the debut album from the Toronto-based, hip hop MC Abdominal, featuring contributions from a host of producers (including Dj Format & Cut Chemist).

Despite the gloriously chunky beats, groovy basslines, impressive use of samples and great production, the Canadian's input is hardly anything to get excited about. Abdominal might be capable of quick-fire line delivery and stringing together a few half-decent verses, but to say the lyrics lack of meaning or depth would be a bit of an understatement, Man, I mean they're barely even touch on funny at best.

Take the breathless rapping on the fittingly titled 'Breathe Later' it's nothing more than a gimmick. So what? You rap over 16 bars without taking a breath. Tell someone who gives a shit. Then take 'Radio Friendly' which features more use of the f-word than you could ever wish to hear. Wow, child-like irony. Very clever.

Whilst Dj Format & Cut Chemist's (among the many others) impressive production skills are never in question, Abdominals empty ramblings only serve to discredit quality urban music. Anyone looking for a more rounded hip hop package would be best advised to look elsewhere

Colin Burrill