Eight Legged Freaks  
Attack Of The Giant Spiders....New Movie : Eight Legged Freaks.....Watch the trailer Now

We popped along to the press showing of Eight legged freaks to find out what all the fuss is about?

This film knows exactly what it is and delivers its promises.

In the rich tradition of B movies ELF hits all the right buttons to deliver 90 minutes of frights and fun as it runs down the checklist of must haves for any major monster flick.

The film references dialogue and motifs from the monster genre with hit and miss results but the action sequences and comedy touches more than make up for the movies sometimes unsuccessful attempts at irony.

The action sequences, which account for 80% of ELF are terrific and the film includes probably the greatest ever motor bike/ giant jumping spider chase ever committed to film.

The spiders are wonderfully detailed in their animation.
These shockingly aggressive green blood filled horrors will stop at nothing in their quest for fresh human (and/or ostrich), meat.

As the giant arachnids take over the town in a feeding frenzy you are treated to a shocking sick fest that will have you itching all over and rushing home to stuff all your plug holes with toilet roll.

ELF is 100% shocking fun,
a creepy crawly treat.





Eight Legged Freaks 
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