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Teenage Kicks Reviewed
No Spitting!!

OI! - Being the year commonly known as the silver jubilee of punk we should expect to be deluged by compilation albums claiming to sum up the "Golden Era".

Teenage Kicks Reviewed  @

So when Teenage kicks landed on my desk you can probably imagine my initial comment but as I started to scan through the track listing a rye smile began to emerge.

Apart from the conspicuous absence of the Sex Pistols (who I believe have tightened the reigns on their catalogue in light of the Golden Jubilee) this album covers every nook and cranny of the late seventies. Just the fact that it starts with The Jam and ends with Spolodgenessabounds should give you some idea of its diversity.

All in all, this album is a refreshing collection of punk classics and a must for any would be pogo'ers.


CD : 1

1. The Jam (In The City)

2. The Clash (White Riot)

3. Junior Murvin (Police & Thieves)

4. Siouxie & Banshees (Hong Kong Garden)

5. Velvet Underground (White Light/White Heat)

6. New York Dolls (Personality Crisis)

7. Jonathon Richman (Roadrunner)

8. Richard Hell (Blank Generation(Original Version))

9. Ramones (Sheena Is A Punk Rocker)

10. X Ray Specs (Oh Bondage)

11. Patrik Fitzgerald (Safety Pin...)

12. Eddie & The Hot Rods (Do Anything...)

13. Ian Dury (Sex Drugs and Rock N Roll)

14. Steel Pulse (Ku Klux Klan)

15. Alternative TV (How Much Longer)

16. Stranglers (Something Better Change)

17. The Undertones (Teenage Kicks)

18. Subway sect (Ambition)

19. Sham 69 (Sham 69)

20. The Vibrators (Automatic Lover)

21. Max Romeo (War Ina Babylon)

22. Adam & The Ants (Young Parisians)

23. Slaughter & Dogs (Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone)

24. The Slits (Typical Girls)

25. Rudi (Big Time)

CD : 2

1. The Jam (Down in the Tube Station)

2. Boomtown Rats (Looking after No. 1)

3. Elvis Costello (Watching The Detectives)

4. Joe Jackson (Is She Really Going Out With Him?)

5. Squeeze (Take Me I'm Yours)

6. The Nips (Gabrielle)

7. Eddie & The Hot Rods (Teenage Depression)

8. Aswad (Warrior Charge)

9. Ultravox (Rockwrok)

10. B-52's (Rock Lobster)

11. Modettes (Paint It Black)

12. Hazel O'Connor (8th Day)

13. The Damned (Grimly Fiendish)

14. Basement 5 (Last White Xmas)

15. Graham Parker (Don't Ask Me Questions)

16. Nick Lowe (So It Goes)

17. Linton Kwesi Johnson (Forces of Victory)

18. The Cure (Boys Don't Cry)

19. Iggy Pop (Real Wild Child)

20. Wreckless Eric (Whole Wide World)

21. Spizzenergi (Where's Captain Kirk)

22. Jilted John (Jilted John)

23. Klark Kent (Don't Care)

24. The Dickies (Banana Splits)

25. Spolodgenessabounds (2 Pints.)