Review of Spirit of buddha bar Album by Music Compilation

Siddharta - Spirit of buddha bar - vol.2
Siddharta - Spirit of buddha bar - vol.2 - Album Review


Spirit of buddha bar - vol.2

This double album is continuation of the music compilations coming from the Buddha bar in Paris. With the title ‘Siddharta’ you would expect a lot of Eastern influences which it delivers however is produces other influences such as Latin, dub, blues and jazz, all mixed with the current progressive sounds of today’s technology. This album is really good. If you’ve ever been to the Big Chill and enjoyed it you will love this record. It’s ideal for people who have travelled and are open to new sounds of experimentation of East and West and who are looking for new sounds.

Siddharta - Spirit of buddha bar - vol.2 - Album Review

It’s great to mediate to or just relax to and find some tranquillity. All the music is really soothing, spiritual and peaceful. No stress in this record and the most of the lyrics are of a conscience nature and beautifully sung. Excellent drumming and great breaks give the album wonderful rhythms and nice phat basslines. There are loads of different instruments on this record so would appeal to many musicians and music lovers.

You’d expect to find Nitin Sawhney on this record as he really is leading the new school on this sound but there are plenty of other artists who are equally as good. So if you’re looking to discover more about this kind of music here would be a good place to start. A wonderful record.

Tareck Ghoneim