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6. Various TasterSounds From The Sounds Of The Funky Underground Vol 2 (Album - Chocolate Fireguard)
Following on from their successfully eclectic compilation of a couple of years previous, the lads from Huddersfield return with another winner. They have been digging long and deep to pull together a compilation that should be a welcome sight (and sound) for anyone who loves trawling the record shops for unusual tunes.
Very often its is all too easy to get lost within your own music genre. But Chocolate Fireguard have been on the case and done enough groundwork to save you hours on your record shopping spree this month. If you are interested you could be opening doors left, right and centre with an underground and extremely groovy compilation of club, dance and prance tunes.
Taster is a massive two and a half hours of tunes you are unlikely to be familiar with but will be more than happy to get to know. With tunes plucked from all corners of the dance globe, friends and relatives should beware. You are soon to be bombarded with the massive standout tracks such as Xploding Plastixs Sports Not Heavy Crime and Acetate Vs Kava Kavas Pursuit or the more retro funk providers such as Capris Car Chase On Phoenix Ave.
Hip-hop, Acid Jazz (sometimes just a little too much!) and loads of funk, this is full on party material. Go on sack the DJ and do it yourself at least you get plenty of repeat play opportunities.