Muse In Manchester

Muse's Matt Bellamy never grew out of sliding on his knees as a kid

Muse have long since gained the reputation for their outlandish stage shows, and their on stage theatrics were there for all to see as they played Manchester's Arena in the north west of England last night (November 1, 2012). The group have been causing murmurs by playing with a giant LED-covered pyramid above them which falls to the ground bit by bit as their set continues, eventually surrounding them. Even by previous efforts - playing surrounded by giant satellite dishes at Wembley stadium, playing underneath a giant 'space ship' on their 2010 - this has been an ambitious stage plan. 

Muse's Chris Wolstenholme In Manchester

Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme sings on the new album for the first time ever. He sung 'Liquid State' last night.

No matter what you think of how their career has progressed on record, though, you can't deny that they've always comfortably achieved the targets they've set themselves live, and last night's show up in the north west of the UK was riotously received by a sell out audience. The gig was the last in the UK, with the group now heading to Dublin in Ireland tomorrow (November 3) and then touring the rest of Europe until mid-December. They then play Japan and North America in the new year, with the rumour mill now on full throttle as to what festivals they might play come summer 2013. Glastonbury's probably too soon, given they headlined it in 2010, but there are plenty of other possibilities. 

Muse Drummer Dom Howard

Muse drummer Dom Howard

Matt Bellamy Manchester

Is Matt Bellamy singing into that mic or being elecrocuted by it?