Muse's ambition is to have a huge UFO land in a stadium during one of their live shows.

The 'Survival' band are known for their inventive stage production and light shows, but while they have created many visual spectacles, there is one idea they have yet to realise.

Singer Matt Bellamy said: ''One day I'm going to get a huge zeppelin shaped like a UFO to come and land in a stadium. I've been trying for years, but no one will let us do it.''

Matt is also frequently found dressed in sparkling suits, and showcasing his guitar skills with the swagger of a seasoned rock star live, but admits this wasn't always the case.

He added to Q magazine: ''I'd been quite an introverted person in The Early Years of the band. I was actually having a lot of trouble coming out of myself. Over the course of the first three albums I gradually opened up, and something came out of me, a strange level of confidence that I didn't know was there. In live performance there was just a desire to smash this shy person.''

Muse's sixth album, 'The 2nd Law' will be released on October 1.