Muse were once duped into playing at a festival for stunt acts.

Frontman Matt Bellamy has revealed the band's weirdest live show was at the event in Moscow, Russia, almost 15 years ago which didn't feature many bands but lots of crashes and explosions to which they provided the backing music.

In an interview on UK station BBC Radio 1, he revealed: ''I remember it was probably 2000 or 2001 and I think we did like every festival even invented and we did I think 57 festivals in total one summer everywhere. We had some good experiences but we also had some pretty bad ones. But the most weird one, the craziest one was a stunt festival in Russia. It was called The Stunt Festival. And we went there thinking it was just like the name you know. Like just 'The Stunt Festival' but it was actually a stunt festival.''

He added: ''In other words it had guys on high wires and on the stage there trucks driving around crashing into and stock car racing all the while we were playing. It was probably the most weirdest moment realising we were just one of the attractions to the festival.''

Although it was a very odd concert, the 36-year-old musician insists the band learnt a valuable lesson in Russia, which was to make Muse's concerts more theatrical.

He said: ''It's why we started trashing shows, we threw around stuff and playing on amps just to give them something to look at.''