British rockers Mumford & Sons had an attack of guilt after a cheeky prank in a hotel room on the American leg of their worldwide tour.

The Sigh No More hitmakers have been on the road for the past five years and they regularly indulge in some rock 'n' roll high jinx to keep themselves entertained.

But one memorable evening ended in pangs of guilt for keyboardist Ben Lovett and bassist Ted Dwayne when they left a horrible mess for hotel cleaning staff to sort out.

Lovett tells British magazine Radar, "Once, Ted and I turned all of the furniture in our hotel room upside down. That was... um... pretty calculated.

"We weren't even that drunk, we just had a joint moment of freaking out. And then in Colorado, two days later, we were both staring off into the distance and we realised that we were both feeling guilty about some poor housekeeper having to go into that hotel room and put it all back."