Rockers Mumford & Sons were stopped by police during their fabled U.S. train tour last year (11) over concerns the bandmates and their crew were smuggling illegal Mexican immigrants across the American border.
The Cave hitmakers travelled across country from California to Louisiana in April, 2011, as part of their eight-day Railroad Revival Tour, but their trek was marred by suspicious border patrol agents, who accused the British folk band of human trafficking.
Bassist Ted Dwane tells U.K. publication The Sunday Times, "In Marfa, Texas, we were pulled over by police waiting for us with cars across the track. They accused us of stowing people away on the train."
The bandmates feared they would have to cancel a planned tour stop as the agents searched the train.
Dwane adds, "It was edgy, but the gig eventually went ahead. We swelled the town about five-fold and ended up playing soccer with the police."