Mumford & Sons have long since conquered their native Britain, but it now looks like they're transatlantic takeover is truly up and running after news that the folk group have topped the American Billboard charts with the fastest selling album of the year, according to BBC's Newsbeat.

The folkies have ousted teen singing sensation Justin Bieber as the fastest selling album of the year after their second effort Babel topped 600,000 sales to go in at the top of the charts, on the way to double what Bieber achieved with his 374,000 copies sold of Believe. Talking to Newsbeat about their phenomenal success in the States, Marcus Mumford commented: "We're equally as overjoyed as the UK. We're quite surprised. It's quite daunting. We're happy with the record which we've made. We've toured there a lot. I think live shows really connect with people, the way you can't on record."

The news only seems to have rebounded on their debut album Sigh No More too, with that record now having topped 2.5 million sales in the USA. Another sign of their dominance comes in the stat that Babel was streamed more times in its first week on Spotify than any other in the streaming site's history.