Mumford And Sons have hit back at the folk purists who remain sceptical of their rootsy sound despite the band’s huge success on both sides of the Atlantic. The London-based group are set to return with new record ‘Babel’, which they claim will attract a different audience to those who bought and enjoyed ‘Sigh No More’.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, drummer Ben asserted, “The cynics can just all f*** off…We think this new record will attract a different audience which is really exciting. And broaden people’s view of us,” with bass guitarist Ted adding, “We have made so many sacrifices and we’ve not taken the easiest route…And so I hope people do understand where we are coming from because it’s a good place, not a capitalistic venture at all…We have made compromises…but it means integrity as everything we do is a conversation between the four of us.” The band have made huge inroads in the U.S market, something nudged along nicely by Marcus Mumford’s marriage to Hollywood star Carey Mulligan, though the group insist they have remained grounded, with Winston saying, “Basically it’s been four mates having the best three years of their lives… And that’s simply going to continue.”

Babel – the band’s second record on Island Records – hit stores on Monday (September 24, 2012). So far, the record has received positive reviews from critics, with the Guardian newspaper saying, “Essentially it's a honing of their 2009 debut, Sigh No More, but with more of the ferocity you encounter in their live show.”