The good folk of West Virginia have had their opinions well and truly divided by MTV’s new reality TV show Buckwild. The show follows a young group of West Virginians going about their daily business… most of which seems to include fighting, getting involved in various stunts and riding ATV’s (all-terrain vehicles) around in the mud. Sounds fun, no? Well, you’d think so, but a lot of West Virginians aren’t so happy about the way they’re being portrayed in the show.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph spoke to a number of residents at the Mercer Mall to see what they thought of the show and for many, the residents of Sissonsville and Charleston (who are featured in Buckwild) are simply showing an “insulting” and “inaccurate” image of their community. Arianna Bailey of Princeton told the local paper’s reporters “Yes, I watched it last night. I’m not real happy with it because we’re already portrayed bad enough in the media. It just seems like they would want to portray us in a positive light than pay people to do that.” Arianna’s mother, Tammy Bailey added “We’re not all like that in West Virginia. I’m very sick of us being portrayed as stupid people with no education.”

Not everyone was insulted by the show though. 25 year-old Jason Myers told reporters that he was keen to see how the show progresses. “This show is for the 18-30 age group, and has what is required to keep them interested and keep watching,” he said. “I think my favorite moments of the show were the kind of stunts they were doing” said Myers, who can remember jumping off bridges and into rivers when he was a kid.