The Wanted think their song 'Chasing the Sun' can be family friendly.

The band - made up of Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Siva Kaneswaran and Max George - admit the song can be about staying up all night partying but also think it can consider wider themes about pursuing your dreams.

Jay said: ''I think this song, it can mean many things. To some people, it is partying all night and chasing the sun the next morning. That's what the first video is about - the girls, the teeth are there, the vampires.

''So we're all there partying away. And that's one aspect of the song. Another aspect of the song is chasing your dreams, the unattainable acorn in the distance.''

The band recently recorded a song for the fourth instalment of the 'Ice Age' films, and the British group admit they would love a part in any future animated movie.

Jay told MTV News: ''If 'Ice Age 5' happens, I'm going to volunteer. We'll all be like a strange troop of dodos. I don't know, what's left. They've covered all the other great creatures. If you think of any more, we'll be there. Some British ones - why not?''