MTV’s Jersey Shore has run its course and, naturally, it has to be replaced by an equally out of touch reality show, since everyone knows that the music television has little to nothing to do with music these days.

The program the network chose, Buckwild, is certainly a worthy replacement for our favorite guidos and guidettes. Actually, it’s all strongly reminiscent of Jersey Shore, only with a West Virginia twist instead of a New Jersey one. What exactly does that mean? Instead of club hopping and fist pumping, the six girls and three guys of Buckwild prefer to entertain themselves with such cultural hobbies as turning a dump truck into a pool, rolling down a hill in a tire and going “muddin” - we won’t spoil the surprise of what exactly that is, but as you can guess, it involves a healthy amount of mud.

Is it good? Not really, but Buckwild probably doesn’t deserve the bad rep it’s been getting from West Virginians for endorsing a false stereotype. Media outlets in the state encouraged users to express their opinions after the premiere and most of them were, unsurprisingly, negative, worried about the portrayal of young Virginians and the kind of image the show is presenting to the rest of the world. Still, if its predecessor is anything to go by, there is probably nothing to worry about. Snooki and co. were fun to watch and occasionally scandalous, but no one in their right mind would think that that drama was anything other than filler for the show. Same with Buckwild – check it out, if you’re in the mood for some mindless entertainment, but don’t take it at face value.