Are MTV declaring their allegiance to President Barack Obama? The music and entertainment network have announced that they will be moving the start time of their 2012 Video Music Awards so that viewers can watch President Obama's speech from the Democratic National Convention once the awards are over. Furthermore, Mtv have said that they will not be using the hour after the awards to introduce new programming, as they usually do after the VMA's, so as not to draw attention from Obama's important speech.

Mtv seem keen to ensure that their viewers are able to catch both the awards ceremony as well as keeping up to date with the latest political progress, in the run up to the US presidential elections. According to Associated Press, the VMAs will now run from 8pm to 10pm tomorrow (Thursday, September 6, 2012) and President Obama is scheduled to speak after 10pm from the DNC. The VMAs have a huge appeal amongst young viewers and the Democratic Party will undoubtedly be grateful to Mtv for trying to ensure that their attentions are turned to the political issues of the day, once they are done ogling the likes of No Doubt and One Direction.

Last year's VMA awards ceremony was viewed by 12.4 million people. That was a higher figure than anything else watched on US television that week and was almost definitely Mtv's highest audience figure ever. This year's line-up includes Rihanna and Frank Ocean as well as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, so another huge viewer turnout is expected once again.