Early noughties television favourite ‘Cribs’ is being revived by MTV. Hurrah, the nostalgic among us might say, but it’s being brought back with a revolutionary new twist – it’ll be on Snapchat.

Yes, it’s now a thing: TV programmes are now on Snapchat. The new short-form version of the popular series has been specifically developed for the app, and is set to air weekly beginning in June this year, according to E! News.

Ananda LewisAnanda Lewis narrated the original series of 'MTV Cribs'

‘MTV Cribs’ was extremely popular when it launched back in 2000, becoming syndicated in 2007 and even developed into a special country music version which began on CMT in 2009, continuing until 2011 when it finally concluded. Offering the simple premise of getting to see the lifestyles of the rich and famous and how they lived, celebrities gave guided tours around their homes.

The most well-remembered episode of the original series, and indeed the most watched and repeated one at the time, was Mariah Carey’s hour-long special looking around her New York penthouse, in which she wore high heels while working out.

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Originally narrated by Ananda Lewis, the likes of 50 Cent (with his three Ferraris that turned out to be borrowed), Hulk Hogan, Aaron Carter, Naomi Campbell, Ja Rule and Robbie Williams also participated in the long-running series.

The first celebrities to open their houses up to the public gaze will be Mac Miller, Austin Mahone and Travis Mills. Presumably in shorter segments, the content will be available via MTV’s Snapchat channel exclusively.

This is a revolutionary step for Snapchat, where content is available only for a matter of seconds after being shot. Ever since the application’s ‘Discover’ feature was launched in January 2015, various networks have repurposed and repackaged their content to be available second-hand via Snapchat, but this is the first time a network has announced an intention to create content specifically for it.

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