Shae Bradley, one of the cast members of the ill-fated MTV show Buckwild has managed to get herself into a public argument on Twitter, with Jenelle Evans, of another MTV series Teen Mom 2. The Buckwild show was recently cancelled, following the death of one of the stars, Shain Gandee. Prior to the show’s cancellation, it had come under fire for portraying the young residents of West Virginia in a bad light, as they were filmed getting drunk, performing stunts and engaging in reckless behavior.

Expressing her disappointment at the show being cancelled, Shae posted a series of messages on Twitter that read: “‪@mtv can have shows about horrible parents and horrible influences and were just good people having good hearted fun and Shain was the best… Person. It's not fair. It's cruel ‪@mtv… And to all of you who say we're doing this for the money, you're ignorant. It's about a group of best friends that just lost one. We want… To keep our friends memory alive and live like Gandee ‪#llg.” Jenelle Evans, no stranger to a spot of wild behavior or controversy, herself, took umbrage at the first part of Shae’s message and tweeted back, “Sorry if u guys like to party and traffic drugs and have yr cast members locked up. MTV doesn't like that too much..."

Bradley then brought up the issue of Evans’ brushes with the law and a slanging match between the stars of the two shows ensued. Possibly not the best method of convincing MTV to reinstate Buckwild, but they’re hashing out as only young reality TV stars know how.